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Farringdon Female Mannequin Collection
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Retail and Fashion Female Mannequin Collection

We designed the Farringdon Female Mannequin range with the needs of a retailer in mind. Beautifully crafted female mannequins, dynamic in style. Powerful versatile female poses with an elegant slant. Farringdon is the perfect female mannequin range to show off clothing of any female fashion brand. We worked with one of the UK's leading body language experts to create this unique female mannequin range. Life-like body proportions, muscle definition, abstract faces, a variety of soft and powerful poses and very striking. Farringdon Female conveys contemporary attitude of the real modern woman. Whether it is a natural relaxed standing position or an elegant sitting pose, these adaptable and realistic female mannequins are the perfect way to elevate your brand in store.

Female Mannequins with Articulated Arms
For a more animated and conversational female mannequin, you can add articulated arms. Our articulated arms provide flexibility and create more movement in your displays. Articulated arms are perfect for displaying women's fashion flexible to pose and hold accessories and bags.

Mannequin Bases and Spigots
We offer a variety of different mannequin bases, adding stability and flexibility to your displays, including glass, stainless steel and powder coated. All mannequins come with a foot and ankle spigot. Please contact us for more information on mannequin stands and shop displays.

Female Mannequin Heads
We have a wide range of female mannequin heads. A choice of either an abstract or beautifully sculpted realistic mannequin head. Farringdon Female Mannequins also come available as female headless. Head options are available in Farringdon Male Mannequins, Diffusion Female Mannequins, Plus Size Male, Plus Size Female and Children's Mannequins.

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Bespoke Mannequins

All our mannequins are available in a range of finishes. You can personalise your female mannequin by choosing the colour and finish. Make-up can be added to the realistic mannequin faces by our skilled make-up artists. Wigs are also available to finish the look. All of our Female Mannequins are finished in a scratch resistant coating as standard. We can also create a completely bespoke mannequin themed to your brand or collection. We will work with you from brief, through design and sculpting process, to the completion of your perfect exclusive mannequin.

Plus Size Female Mannequins

Your customers come in all shapes and sizes, and therefore our female plus size mannequins reflect today's changing fashion market and responsible advertising. We created our female plus size mannequins in size UK 18-20. You can personalise your plus size female mannequin with a variety of finishes and choose the colour of your choice.

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The Complete Farringdon Collection
Farringdon Female Mannequins were created alongside the full Farringdon Collection. Female, male, kids, urban, realistic and plus size mannequins. Ideal for high-end fashion, denim, leisure and streetwear. As one of the UK's leading mannequin suppliers to the retail industry, we are confident we will be able to offer the mannequins you want at the highest quality. Global Retailers such as Reiss, John Lewis and Angel Kids currently use the Farringdon mannequin range in several stores. We are confident you will love our range too.

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To learn more about the Farringdon Collection or to discuss your mannequin requirements, please contact our sales team on +44 208 885 3055 or email us on info@hol-group.com.