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Mannequins and Shop Displays
Mannequins and Shop Dummies

HOL Group is a leading London supplier and manufacturer of display and bespoke mannequins. We specialise in innovative mannequin design for the retail sector. From male, female, kids and plus size fibreglass mannequins to wooden, plastic, abstract, poseable and sports mannequins.

Fashion Mannequins, Tailor Dummies and Bespoke Mannequins
We provide shop mannequins for small and large retailers across the country for a wide variety of sectors. We have a large variety of full body and poseable male, female and kids clothes display mannequins in stock for retail stores. We also supply wooden tailor dummies for memorable shop displays. Our custom male and female bespoke mannequin services allow you to personalise your mannequin to suit your shop brand and style.

The Farringdon Mannequin Collection:
Lifelike and realistic, Farringdon Mannequins offer a range of versatile poses across male, female, urban, plus size and children's mannequins that convey a contemporary attitude.

The Full Farringdon Mannequin Collection
Male Mannequins
Female Mannequins
Diffusion Female Mannequins
Plus Size Female Mannequins
Plus Size Male Mannequins
Child & Kids Mannequins

If you have a mannequin project you'd like to discuss, please contact us.

Creative Retail Displays
HOL Group specialise in retail displays and visual merchandising creative design services. The overall purpose is presenting a product or store with the goal to purchase.

With over 20 years experience in the Visual Merchandising industry, we take time to understand a brand’s essence, the customer and approach our solutions in a unique, practical and commercial manner.

Whether it’s creating an interactive visual merchandise solution, a static display or guiding the customer through your retail space by strategically placing your products and priorities in high traffic areas, we can create the right solution to get the results you want.

If you have a project you would like to discuss, please contact us.

Shop Fitting
HOL Group can help you transform your retail space into a creative and effective tool to promote your products and services. We can create bespoke retail spaces for small and large businesses.

From design, project management, construction, furniture to completion, we can offer you the complete shop design and shop fitting service to provide you with an eye catching and powerful retail space to promote your brand and products.

If you have a project you would like to discuss, please contact us.

Clothes Hangers
Clothes hangers are an essential tool to showcase your clothing products and provide the best first impression for your business. Our hanger range will organise your retail space and when used as part of your displays will play a big part in increasing the visibility of your products.

Our range of wooden, plastic, metal and designer hangers will ensure your products are protected, organised, showcased beautifully and allows your customers to view each item with ease.

HOL Group design and manufacture wooden, plastic, metal, handmade wooden, designer and bespoke hangers. We stock 500 styles of clothes hangers including coat hangers, suit hangers, top, trouser, dress, lingerie, knitwear, children’s and lingerie hangers.

We provide a personalised bespoke wooden range and bespoke plastic hanger service allowing you reinforce your company’s brand and choose your own hanger style or colour and have your logo or name engraved / printed on it.

We have a retail hanger accessories range including hook and clips, size cubes, hanger connectors, bar grips and security hooks.

If you would like to discuss your hanger requirements or a free quotation, please contact us.

Retail Designs
HOL Group is a retail design and product solutions company. We can assist you with all your retail needs. From product packaging, stock room equipment to pricing solutions and logistics.

We also provide procurement services to save you money and time.
If you have a project you would like to discuss, please contact us.